About Manpreet Wander

Meet Manpreet Wander of Team Max YYC. I am a passionate real estate agent here in Calgary, an expert in buying and selling. My reason for being a real estate agent is to help people find their dream home. Customers are my top priority and I'm trying my 100% to do the best for my clients.

I have the ability to lead the team and be an ideal leader. As a leader, I have an excellent understanding of people and extensive knowledge of the housing and rental market. Versatile, focused on results, Real Estate Professional with proven excellence in customer service, business capacity and strategic planning ability. Collaborative leadership skills and ability to foster a team-based environment while sharing knowledge about how to increase productivity.

Use a variety of real estate sales tactics including qualification, persuasion, strategy, proposal and closing. Strong communication and interpersonal skills in building and maintaning client relationships.


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